Our attention to service and quality has made us an industry leader. At our company, the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations.


Display Fireworks, We import our product direct from the manufacture, giving the customer more BANG for the Buck. We do have a 1.3 wholesale and retail listing, we offer fully choreographed  displays to back yard birthday parties, Weddings, Memorial displays, Gender reveal displays  Christmas, and New Years. Fully Insured, trained, State, and Federal licensed Display Company, and operators.


Consumer 1.4 fireworks, we have that as well, we shop the best manufactures to have the most popular items on had ready for you to buy and shoot yourself.


Black Powder Fireworks, Hunting, Reenacting, Sporting or just fun bowling ball cannons, we have in stock. Full stock of GOEX, and Goex Olde Eynsford, SCHUETZEN, SWISS and the new SWISS CAVIAR ball, and WANO Powders. 1FG 1-1/2FG 2FG 3FG 4FG 1FA 2FA 3FA 4FA 5FA MEAL D  FG FFG FFFG FFFFG

We do ship Sporting Black Powder Fed Ex. Sporting Powder (one pound cans) We have 2 boxes availibe one that holds up to 10 pounds, and one that holds 25 pounds. Mix and match all  you like. We will ship just one pound. 


Musket caps, Stock all the manufactures as well


Fuse, we have safety cannon fuse, 1/4” time fuse, and Quick fuse in stock


Blasing, We do commerical blasting serice. Stumps, Bever Dams, concrete, Silos, Bridges.


Want to know more about our business and the services we offer? Use our website to get detailed information about us and meet our dedicated staff members. We're looking forward to working with you.


Master Distrubitor for Goex, Schuetzen, Swiss, and Wano


Office  (815) 542-6287    Cell (309) 945 BOOM (2666)    email   jblackert@outlook.com

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